POPCORN WORDS are sight words that POP up when we are reading. Popcorn word cards can be downloaded at


The following is our class  list so you can practice at home:


I            we           are             yellow

is           am           one              green

it           go            saw             blue

in           and          said             purple

to          see           look             pink

no          you           like             black

yes         for           red             brown

the         can           orange         white




1. "Pop"- Laminate popcorn shaped cards with a  popcorn word or beginner reader word on each. Place cards in a can. Children sit in a circle and pass around the can. Each child removes a card and tries to read it. Child who removes a popcorn word jumps up and says, "POP!"

2. Draw popcorn on board with a popcorn word in each. Call each child and give them a word. Child goes to board, finds word, and erases it.

3. Scatter popcorn word cards around floor. Tell each child a popcorn word. Child locates word and "pops" to it.

4. Popcorn Memory- Program cards with popcorn words.Children must find matching popcorn cards.

5. Sing "Popcorn Words" on  Jack Hartmann's Hip Hop Alphabop cd.

6. Popcorn Word Hopscotch- create a hopscotch board on a plastic shower curtain or tablecloth using a permanent marker. Child throws a beanbag on to a word, reads word, and hops to it.

7. Popcorn Spelling- Program popcorn shaped cards with popcorn words leaving out a letter. (i.e.- "w_" for we). Children use letter tiles to fill in blank.

8. Magical Popcorn- Write popcorn words on popcorn patterns using a white crayon. Call each child up to brush watercolor paint over the pattern to magically reveal the word.

9. Popcorn Musical Chairs- Tape popcorn words to chairs and line them up. Play music while students march around chairs. When music stops, students sit in the chair closet to them. Call each student's name. Student rises and reads the popcorn word on his/her chair. Replay music and repeat.

10. Popcorn Bingo- Program bingo charts with popcorn words in popcorn shapes. Children place a chip on their charts when a popcorn word on it is called by teacher. The first child to cover all his/her words wins.

11. Popcorn Flashlight Pocketchart Game- Line up popcorn words on the pocketchart. Students take turns finding popcorn word the teacher calls out and shines flashlight on it.

12. Butter the Popcorn- Create word sheet containing popcorn words and other words. Students use a yellow highlighter to "butter" the popcorn words.